Thursday, December 1, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] INTRIGUE Another Story

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This spinoff of Devil's RPG series is a breezy ACTION platformer. 

Casual gameplay; easy difficulty. Recommended for fun. 
Gamers seeking a challenge may be disappointed. 

An incident has arisen in the peaceful Fairy Kingdom. 
To resolve it and to restore peace 
Meice the captain of the Fairy Soldiers must go alone 
on a campaign outside the realm. 

Classic 2D scrolling action 
Double jump and stomp-attack your way through 
stages with three (3) areas + a boss battle!

Fun scenes and CGs 
24 total pixel animations 
12 total failure CGs 

Warning: interspecies sex, futanari

Can't beat a boss? Just want to see the art? 
Stage select and the gallery are unlocked by default, 
so you can enjoy animations without clearing the game, too! 

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