Tuesday, November 1, 2016

[H-Games][SLG] Eiyuu Senki Ver. 1.7 Final [Eng-Patch Ver. 1.05]

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Conquer the world with an army of moe moe girls in this highly-anticipated adult strategy game. As leader of the island nation of Zipang, you find yourself in a world full of cute and powerful girls, all of whom are based on real historical figures. There's Oda Nobunaga, Napoleon, King Arthur, Vlad the Impaler, even Aristotle and Leonardo da Vinci! Control over seventy playable characters designed by Ooyari Ashito of Littlewitch fame. Using a fun and sophisticated gameplay system, you will strengthen your army, conquer enemy territories, and build your very own harem of moe heroines. The world is your oyster—now reach out and take it! 

Content of Patch
1. Full restoration of 18+ content (fully translated by SurferDude2016)
Eiyuu Senki English H-patch v1.00 (2016.10.29)
This patch translates the following:
- ALL H-scenes
- the 15 non-H scenes that still contained various amounts of Japanese due to PS3 censorship reasons
- the song titles in the Music Gallery
- the names of all characters in the Voice Details menu (credit goes to donovan20055 of HongFire forum).
2. Ported alternative PS3 events in form of optional separate events. Some PC and PS3/Vita events were merged for coherence.
3. Added all new CGs from PS3 version.
4. Added all exclusive CGs from PS Vita version. Upscale 30% or use "no_upscale" version.
5. Expanded CG Gallery for PS3+PS Vita CGs.
6. Restoration of all voice files, recorded specifically for PS3/PS Vita.
7. Michelangelo Graphics Fix 3.0 - all original PS Vita files restored, with ~30% upscale to PC resolution.
8. Porting of PS3 system of English subtitles (voices in battle and world map).
9. New font size for visual novel part of game. Decrease font size from 27 to 25. 
10. Fully translated game settings.
11. Adds display of critical chance in battle (%).
12. Adds selection of difficulty mode in game start:
- Normal;
- Hard (150%, previously unlocked after true end);
- Very Hard (new, 200%);
- Nightmare (new, 300%, unlocked after true end). Game may or may not became impossible to complete in this mode.
13. Bug fixes and new upgrades for Gennai/Toshiro:
- extra item slot after conquering Egypt;
- new ability after conquering North America;
- final Ultimate skill after conquering Inca.
Patch is tested on Japanese locale. Using Applocale and other garbage on your own risk.

Custom CG patches available in the project's thread:

6. !!!Notes:
A reminder to everyone that replaying the H-scenes from the Scene Gallery may not always show the entire scene. In some cases, 
dialogue before and/or after the actual sex is skipped by using this method, so the recommended way to see the translated H-scenes in full 
is to load a save before they take place.

- Save file folder - C:\Users\*Your User name*\Saved Games\TENCO\英雄*戦姫\UserData

1) If you crashed by loading save file (saved in VN mode), use savefile, saved on map.
2) If there's crash on clicking "Continue" button:
- use backups and restore old patch. Save needed savefile (on map) in slot 001.
- delete/remove from %user%\Saved Games\TENCO\英雄*戦姫\UserData all files, except: AUKeyMap.dat, AUPass.dat, AUPlay0001.dat, AUShare.dat, Share.dat, AUConfig.ini, Config.ini, Info.txt.