Thursday, November 17, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] Punish!! Nijiyome!!

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* Nijiyome-chan, mascot of the official site that exhausts the bounds of tyranny, 
stars in a f*ck-me-wild humiliation action game!

But Nijiyome-chan is normally invincible. It'll take the tactical cooperation of 
decoy Zip-tan and DLsite "rivals" who have, shall we say, no kind thoughts for her. 

Earn points for punishing Nijiyome, 
mass-humiliate her , have a threesome with her and D*M's Dem*mo-chan! 

* You can screw Dem*mo-chan as you please. 
She'll act like she's against it but you can screw her freely. 

* Event Scene Menu
Exploit Time
Victory Hype 1, 2
Nijiyome-chan Gang R*pe 
Dem*mo Fellatio 1, 2
Dem*mo Sex 1, 2 
Nijiyome VS Dem*mo! 
Gather! DLsite Mascots! 

13 base CGs with bonus animation. 
Female characters fully voiced. 

* Scene replay is unlocked by earning points. 

Plus! "DilleEllePointWars" Comiket edition
As distributed at the convention, this bonus event 
features a fully voice-acted Xi Lily.

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