Wednesday, November 23, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] Emulis of the Valley of Magic Ver.2

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[ Story ] 

Brimming with curiosity and a bit of sexiness, 
Emulis took her maiden journey to become a magic-caster 

The fresh-faced 18 year old soon found her footing 
against mild mountain monsters. The journey was going well
... until a particular monster attacked. 

It was unbelievably ferocious. 
Emulis was ravaged, r*ped, slashed, licked all over, 
her tits were torn clean off and worse. 
She was shown no mercy. 

Even so, she stood strong and carried on. 
Emulis wants to become a witch -- but is that where this journey is headed? 

[ Features ] 

Finish Doll presents an X-rated indie game with hand-crafted animation. 
Actions scene and ecchi scenes are completelyoriginal. 
It's not just looping scenes. We invested big time in the erotica (lol). 

For example, even if she's r*ped, it starts with (1) first attack anime, 
(2) thrusting anime, (3) body clenching creampie anime and finally (4) crying out 
and head hanging in shame anime -- all hand drawn in smooth sequence. 

Every animation scene plays out like this, 
so we think you're going to get pretty hot and steamy when you watch. 

- Over 700 individual frames of ecchi animation
- Over 40 H scenes created over two years of production 

Emulis is cute but her ecchi encounters are brutal! 
Genre-wise it's mainly "assault" but some parts are truly horrible.
Personally when her tits go flying and Emulis is like, "wha?" it's cute 
and then she gets overrun and it's hot. Maybe just me lol. 

* If you're not a fan of violence you can select the "no blood filter" from the settings 

There's quests to break up the porn, and we created the porn with that in mind. 
Don't just fap over Emulis, achieve her dream of being a witch! 

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  1. Can you upload the english version came out at jan 2017
    I would really appriciate that