Friday, November 11, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] Donna Drummond Chronicle [R-18 Ver] Ver.

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* The difference between the All Ages Ver and R-18 Ver is adult content; 
all gameplay mechanics and non-adult scenes are identical. 

Full title 
The Pyramid and the Pharaoh of the Dead -Donna Drummond Chronicle-

Before you start 

The difficulty of this game may depend on your preference of keyboard/controller. 
May not be supported by older mid-range PC notebooks from the Windows Vista era. 


This is Egypt. 
Archaeologist and explorer Donna Drummond has come 
in search of ancient secrets. Who is entombed here? 
In her haste to know, she's put herself in 
the greatest danger of her life... 


This is an escape action game with 3 buttons. 
If you run out of treasure stones (HP) enemies will grab you and it's game over. 
A game over is accompanied by an ecchi event. 

14 total stages 
14 ecchi scenes (all characters have animation) 
Includes stage select (continue) option 
Includes gallery mode 

Gamepad recommended 

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