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"The most popular TV programme since 2045 is R*PER GAME, 
a survival reality show from Big Entertainment that commands 82.5% viewership.
During the highlights, viewership spikes to 97.4%. 

This year marks the 18th season of R*PER GAME, and the game has changed. 
The battleground: a shuttered high school where terrible things once happened to the students. 
The Survivors: all girls, each assigned a certain class, sharing a fate. 
As always, there's the Queen. 
Other girls are the Telephone, Timer, Car, Maid, Money... and Knight. 
If the Knight can save the Queen, the Survivors win. 

Meanwhile, there are Hunters out to get the Knight. 
If any of these men catch her, they will r*pe her, and they win the game. 

There are no other rules. Anything goes, including murder. 
Survivors versus Hunters, how far will each side go to reach their goal? 
The Knight is ready to save the day... 
The Hunters have taken their positions... 
Welcome, everyone, to R*PER GAME!" 

There are several classes in R*PER GAME 2. 
You can proceed in the game without knowing any of them, 
but using them is essential to victory. 

Knight - the one that does the rescuing 
Everything hinges on the Knight's success. This year, the Knight is You

Queen - the one that must be rescued 
Saving the Queen is the Knight's duty and the most important objective 

Car - a girl who can drive vehicles
If the Knight gets in a car, it's her job to drive it... if she dies, no more transportation! 

Maid - 3 girls who serve to the Queen 
Maids are a kind of protective shield, and if they're all down, the Queen is surely next 

Telephone - a girl who can call in for supplies
The Telephone contacts headquarters at certain points. If she dies, no more re-ups! 

Money - a girl who can purchase supplies 
The Money can buy various items at certain points. If she dies, no more shopping! 

Timer - a girl who keeps track of how long everyone is in R*PER GAME
But there's more to it than that! 

Train - ............... ? 

"Suffering is a beautiful thing."

Dark.ryona.x15 presents a 2D+3D hybrid graphics game. 

There are 3 tiers for "hardcore" scenes. The first is panic and fear. 
The next is intimidation, but it will not impede a class's ability. 
The third and final tier is brutality, violation and endurance to the limit.
For the sake of winning, can you endure? 

Use girls to your advantage. They're literally human resources, and can be depleted. 
For example, when you buy items constantly with Money, she's become burdened. 
Similarly, if you use Telephone or Car frequently, their usefulness will shorten over time. 
Of course if they die, they can't be used at all. 

Maids will die in succession. If they're all gone, the Queen will be executed. 
If the Queen dies, losing the game is inevitable. 

The Timer can die, and if she does, the Train will come for the Queen. 
If you can stop the Train, Timer's death won't necessary mean the game is lost. 
However, the item to stop the Train can only be purchased by Money. 
Do you buy the item early in anticipation of losing Timer and possibly Money? 
Do you save your resources and invest in Car in the late game? 

It's a balancing act. 

How you use the girls will affect the ending! 

You don't need to do a lot of reading or memorization or anything to win. 
The basic principle is DON'T GET R*PED. Of course, cheats are possible. 
Non-gamers, those who just want to watch the scenes, the game has options for you. 
Relax and enjoy!

Artwork by YOSHITORA! Just like the original game. 
Graphics are available in-game and as 1400x1000 size lossless BMPs 
in a separate folder so your eyes can drink up the carnage 

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