Tuesday, October 4, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] RAPER DRIVE ~Girl Hunt City~

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**** A message from dark.ryona.x15 ***** 

I never thought I would make another game. 
The reason being, I put everything into R*PER GAME, and I was totally burned out. 
However, time heals all and my erotic desire rose like a phoenix... 

By popular demand from users asking for "the next game"
and from the wonderful support I received, a new creation was born. 

Was it okay to make whatever I could think of?
I answered my own question and turned my brain inside out with fantasies. 
The result is R*PER DRIVE. 
Mowing down a high school girl with a car, just driving right over her. 
"Call an ambulance" she pleads, to which the man laughs and r*pes her broken body. 
It's merciless, it's reprehensible, it's unforgivable. He takes his pleasure. 

This is a game recommended for the true lover of ryona (hardcore). 
It's also kind of a new genre, or a new combination of genres. 
I cannot thank enough the programmer and illustrator for realizing this vision. 
I pushed my guys hard and they pushed the limits of the possible. 

Here is R*PER DRIVE, a psychotically extreme Realtime 3D Ryona Game. 
If you find some pleasure in it I am deeply gratified. 

**** 3D Game & Ryona (Hardcore) *****

Run over a high school girl with your car, then r*pe her. 
That's the cruel gist of it. 

Even as the blood leaks from her punctured skin, bones shattered in the flesh, 
the worst is still to come: violation at the very scene she was crushed! 
Now THAT's ryona. 

Drive freely around a realtime 3D world. 
Thanks to the efforts of the programmer, you can rove around
hunting for a teen girl. Run over people in between, guilt-free. 

Ram that girl at high speed! Then r*pe her as she lay quaking in pain! 
Once again I have to express my thanks to the programmer and illustrator for this. 

* The car has a "life limit" but the game difficulty is easy. 
* Run out of time and the game will end. 
* H scenes can be revisited once you've unlocked them. 
* The latter half of stage 2 is in the style of a drug-fueled rampage. 
* It's in the promo video but, the car can fly off screen.
This is due to the polygon modeling and physics engine. 
(For example, if you hit an obstacle at an angle at high speed.) 
If you get stuck or glitch out, press the "R" key to quit out. 

**** "Me" *****

I am out of control. 
I am a coke-snorting psychopath. 
Time to find some young tail. 
Maybe roll up next to her? Maybe roll over her! 
Whatever gets me off, wheeeeee! 

**** Controls *****

Arrow keys - steering
Z - accelerate 
R - reset (return to title screen) 
A - fast forward (during H scenes) 

**** Notes *****
Warning: violent and sexual imagery

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