Saturday, October 29, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] HamiyuNoMikosyugyo

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* Simple 2D side scrolling action
* Play as shrine maiden Hamiyu and banish the yokai spirits! 
* If a spirit gets her it an ero scene starts right there 
* Give up for even more humiliation... 
* 16 stages created with 4 different themes. 

24 total H animations (of which 5 are full screen) 
2 colors for 48 grand total H animations 
Smooth 60 FPS quality 
Includes softcore ryona (mild cruelty) (can be turned OFF) 
With interspecies sex, tentacles, irrumatio, fisting, vore, strangling, etc... 

* Basic actions: jump and attack 
* EASY, NORMAL and HARD modes to suit your challenge 
* Beginners can pick up and play
* Pros can challenge their own skills with upgrades and medal collection 

Gamepad recommended (also playable with keyboard) 

Includes: aesthetic mode w/ zoom, speed, climax options 

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  1. this game was very enjoyable thanks guys keep up the good work :)