Tuesday, October 18, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] Fuura Can Take Care Of Herself

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[ Story ] 
A plague of giant bugs have attacked the castle
Erina: "Aaaaaaaaugh! What do I do WHAT DO I DO! All the castle guards ran awaaaaaaaaay!" 
Can't you just run away too? 
Erina: "Easier said than done... it's my duty to defend this place!" 
If you can last three days, reinforcements will arrive
Erina: "Three days! Ooooooof... looks like I won't be sleeping." 
Sorceress Fuura begins her stand against the swarm

[ Game ] 
One girl vs. many bugs, side-scrolling tower defense
You play as Fuura, with an ability to summon spirits 
Protect the castle from the bug invasion 

[ Erotica ] 
Ecchi scenes are animation 
If Fuura can't defend the castle, she's bug food 
Watch her take a pounding and the bug juice is an aphrodisiac 
Every creampie makes her more crazy horny 
Lots of assault scenes, but at the end Fuura is enjoying it the most? 

[ Controls ] 
WASD movement 
Mouse cursor character direction 
F1, F2 and F3 summon help (if you have enough resources) 
- use the cursor and left click to assign summons 
- cancel an assignment with Esc 
Spacebar begins battle 

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