Friday, September 30, 2016

[H-Games][SLG] Nade Nade Onna no Ko VI -Battle Fuck With Succubus-

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* Battle F*ck With Succubus * 

Have a sexy showdown (battle f*ck) with a succubus girl. 
Instead of turn-based you fondle her in real time! 
Enjoy real-time animation in reaction to the player's "osawari" (touching). 
Once you break thru her guard, the succubus starts to feel REALLY good! 

* Definitely check out the trial and the movie clip! *

CV: Aya Kuchitani

The succubus is voiced sweet and sexual by a talented actress! 

* Romantic ecchi mode* 

A staple of the Nade Nade Onna no Ko series! 
Claim victory with a Battle F*ck and then get super cozy! 
For those who want romantic action fast, it's for you! 
Get serviced by the devil's orgasmic minion. Touchy touch! Affection up! 

- stroke her face 
- pull her nose up like a piggy 
- massage her boobs 
- pinch her nipples
- touch her butt 
- squeeze her p*ssy 
- finger her wet clitoris 
- fingerf*ck her 
- lick her p*ssy 
- vibratory play
- squirting
- penetrative sex 
- bukkake 
- creampie 
- continuous orgasms
- she plays with her nipples
- she plays with her p*ssy 
- bondage prodding 
- nipple teasing machine 
- clit teasing machine 
- dildo device 
- breast sex 
- blowjob
- handjob 
- engorged tits and clit 
- futanari
... and more! 

Don't wait, check out the interactive trial and all its dreamy romance now!

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