Friday, September 30, 2016

[H-Games][SLG] Nade Nade Onna no Ko IV -The Teasey Touchy Sexy Device Pleasure Inducing Game-

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* Touch away! The freestyle real time animated touching game * 

A tied up tantalized tsundere cutie reacts puni puni kawaii-style to your touching. 
Do to her as you to her with a click of the mouse, using a sexy apparatus to send her to 
dun dun dun... PLEASURE HELL! 

* Definitely check out the trial and the movie clip! *

Voiced by the always-wonderful Kurumi Miru! 
Enjoy her slightly prickly mood swings. 

- caress face 
- squeeze nose 
- massage boobs 
- tweak nipples 
- grope butt 
- poke anus 
- stroke clitoris 
- lap p*ssy 
- two handed touching
- lick nipples 
- vibrator play
- continuous climaxes 
- squirting 
- penetrative sex 
- masturbate her twat 
- get a blowjob 
- get a handjob 
- tease clit with vibe 
- machine vibe 
- passionate sex with gapeface 
- pleasure hell 
... and more! 

Don't wait, check out the interactive trial and get "puni"ing! 

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