Thursday, September 22, 2016

[H-Games][SLG] D.Q. Fight 2

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In D.Q. Fight 2, you're free to use whatever indecent and cowardly tactics necessary to make our strong heroines surrender to you!

* We've incorporated a new capture element system based on the J-Girl.Train Touch System.

* Includes 4 Characters in All

Je*sica, whose is the victim of obscene hypnotism, making her body EXTRA sensitive.

Se*ia, whose hands and feet have been captured by tentacles that poke and prod every crevice and orifice in her body.

B*anca, who becomes every single type of sexual toy and tool to control the lust of the villagers.

And finally, A*rena who came for revenge, but having been beaten at her own game, is put on display and raped.

- Includes 57 CG images drawn just for this purpose (including insert illustrations for a total of 68 pages).

- All female characters are fully voiced.

- All characters have 2 ending roots: sexual abuse or degeneration.

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