Wednesday, September 7, 2016

[H-Games][ADV] Taimanin Asagi Gaiden - Chaos Arena [Eng]

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A side story of Taimanin Asagi!
This item was exclusively sold at the last Comiket. 
A new character Snake Lady is featured in the detailed episode of Chaos Alena! Real hentai! Asagi is forced to have a surgery to heighten her sexual feeling, reaching thousand times normal. At last, she comes to participate in the tournament at Chaos Alena, but.... 

It would be much fun to play this work after playing the main game Taimanin Asagi.


  1. Man, is there a reason I keep getting ''invalid url'' whenever I try to download something? Didn't have this problem before. Bummer.

    1. Tested and working fine both this and [H-Games][ACT] SUCCUBUS.

    2. Weird. It's still not working for me. I click the pink download button, skip the add, it opens the torrent in UTorrent and then it refuses to start, saying it's an ''invalid url'' and ''unregistered torrent''. It worked last time I tried downloading something. Can't imagine what the issue is now. I suppose if it works for you it's obviously not an issue on your side. Damn. And I was so happy when I found this site too. Curse my rotten luck. I guess I'll just keep trying. Maybe I just need to be persistent.

    3. Try other bittorrent program. I recommend qbittorrent.

    4. It took a while, but qbittorrent did manage to start downloading. Sadly, it's going extremely slow. I suppose I'll have to tinker around utorrent and see what could be causing the issues. Thanks for the help though. Much appreciated.

    5. Its slow just because this Taimanin are ran out of seeders already. lol
      You can make a request for reupload. Just let me know in the comment.

    6. It did? It had a couple when I put it in. Odd. I went around trying to download random games just to test the links. They all give the ''invalid url'' error but some of them still download. So maybe it is just the seeders. If you can reupload it that would be great. Thanks.

    7. finished reupload. please redownload the new torrent file.

    8. Already have. Thank you very much. :)