Wednesday, September 7, 2016

[H-Games][ADV] Taimanin Asagi - Complete Edition [Eng]

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Tokyo is no longer a city where human beings can live, getting occupied by more monsters day by day. It is the start of the terrible transformation of the big city into something utterly hideous...... A female ninja, Asagi is a member of Taimanin, the only counter-monster defense team could save Tokyo. But she is arrested by a bad female ninja Taki, a member of the warring faction that she should have wiped out before! The story later involves a Taimanin trainee Sakura. 

The best selling Ninja-gangbang game, Taimanin Asagi is back agin! It further contains additional scenario and upgraded amazing animation movies in sex scenes!!

Over 20 additional CG pictures and a lot of alternates!! Over 120 images in all!! 

All sex scenes in Chaos Arena are in animation! Over 40 cuts!! Anime Lilith's "Digi-anime" is absolutely a must-see!!!

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