Tuesday, September 6, 2016

[H-Games][ADV] Kangoku Senkan (Prison Battleship) [Eng]

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Mjr. Doni Bohgan, captain of the battleship Jasant, has chosen two targets: beautiful army officers Rieri Bishop and Naomi Evance, who have an inordinate level of popularity among people, and also, are Donny's hateful enemies he got hurt by. 

The 3rd work of Anime Lilith! 
Brainwash the two female officers in the space battleship and give them a hard time to change them into someone else. 
Over 40 cuts of quality digital animation! 

Siwtch freely between Anime mode and CG mode. 
Over 160 CGs and a bunch of alternate versions. 

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  1. Awesum. Could you put the second and third on here as well?