Wednesday, August 3, 2016


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* Premise 
The people of the kingdom of Berna enjoy peaceful days. 

One day, an estate by feudal lord in the south is attacked by bandits. 

Such a mundane incident is the biggest calamity the kingdom 
has ever seen... nobody knows how to deal with it... 

This is a simulation RPG where you pioneer crisis in Berna. 
Play as the leader of bandits, bringing the fight to peace-loving people. 

Sack towns and private homes! 
Gain experience by by taking down ordinary civilians. 
Nobles who love their country are your mortal enemy!
Naturally, there are maidens to ravish, too... 

The story unfolds in 14 chapters + 9 spinoff chapters

All minor characters are completely original. 
13 heroines appear in the story, all with H scenes. 
+ 11 female party members you can hook up with!

Get to know them all, men and women, in a lively lengthy playable tale. 

Over 35 main CGs, and hundreds of variations 

Four (4) levels of difficulty to suit all player needs: 
"Quickie mode" (sokunuki mode) with a condensed story so you can get to the action 
"Steady mode" (shikkari mode) with quick recovery from failures 
"Risky mode" (giri giri mode) with permadeath for your units 
"Hardcore mode" (gachinko mode) for the gamer who needs no helping hand 
* All difficulty levels have access to all H scenes 

Recommended to the maverick, the gamer who loves wrecking NPCs, 
who loves erotica that destroys an earnest proud girl with ruthless humiliation, 
for the good gamer who love to be baaaaad! Justice be damned! 

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