Tuesday, August 23, 2016

[H-Games][Puzzle] Plumber & Princess [JAP-ENG-TW]

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There's trouble with the pipes at the castle! 
She knows just who to call... 
her friendly plumber will do anything for her, won't he? 

San Soku Space presents an X-rated puzzle game inspired by a certain retro franchise ;)

Sokoban + Pipe Dream style 
Use your wits and strategy to solve the puzzles! 

Vector graphics 
Quality visuals at any resolution 

Diverse erotica 
Handjobs, footjobs, fellatio, paizuri, facials, creampies, more

English, Chinese and Japanese 

Hardcore (fetish) toggle 
Choose to show/hide cross-section views, pregnancy

How to play 
Break blocks with normal strikes, or items to destroy them! 

Expose hidden pipes and connect them to the end point! 

Enemies will also appear from blocks. Use items on them, too! 

The princess will reward the plubmer for fixing her pipes
... by fixing his. ;) 

Don't worry if you get a game over! 
Spend your cumulative score to buy items that will help you clear stages. 

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