Friday, August 19, 2016

[H-Games][ADV] Diviner Knight Towako -Wicked Incubus Breaker- [Eng]

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Since ancient times, "diviners" wielded a great summoning magick. 
In the age of science they led private lives, but there were some who abused their powers. 
Normal men and women were helpless against such criminals. 
Thus, the government employed trusted diviners, called "knights", to defend us from those gone rogue. 

An XXX Immoral ADV Game 
Diviner Knight Towako -Wicked Incubus Breaker-

Towako tries and fails to wreak holy justice on a dark underworld of evil with her summon, "Vanalgand the Dog Spirit" which boasts the "Ultimate Power", and her assistant Reika, wielder of the Quad Katana and summoner of "Weapon Arm"!!! 

* Resistance is futile 
Towako and Reika's magick seal is blocked by a clever incubus who invades their subconscious, 
forcing their proud souls over the line into gapefaced submissive pleasure slavery. 
But that won't destroy hope! Justice will prevail......!!!......???

* Fate is in the player's hands 
When the incubus obliterates their dignity in sex hell, will you have them fight to the death? reduce them to humiliated filth? embrace the wicked darkness? 
Player choice will alter the course of Towako and Reika's story, and influence the final outcome. 

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