Thursday, August 18, 2016

[H-Games] Virgin Warrior Vanis -Revenge on the Chroma Empire-

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* Exhiliration! Thrills! Full blown ero action is here! * 

Chaste war princess Vanis unleashes her sword of vengeance against the Chroma Empire! 

12 CG events! 10 stages! 8 real r*pe scenes! 
Blowjob, piss, assault, tentacle sex! Her cries echo beautifully! 
"Please, I'm a virgin! Forgive me! I'll do anything else, 
but spare my hymen from destruction! I MUST BE A VIRGIN!" 

Vanis leads a counterattack, but the true assault is on her. 
Will she wield her sword to victory? Will she run away? 
Choose her fate... Fight for all you're worth! 

Includes special moves (triple virgin strike! Vanis flash! etc.), 
cheats, CG mode, gasps and cries and screams, armor damage... 
Compatible with keyboards or joystick! 

An all-new side scrolling action XXX slaughterfest from Aphrodite. 

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