Tuesday, July 12, 2016

[H-Games][SLG] Today, I picked up a discarded dog. Ver.3

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-- Prologue --

One day I found an abandoned... dog? 
Left in a cardboard box. 

I opened it up and found the inumimi girl inside. 
And a letter that said, "Love and raise this dear girl.
If you do, your wishes will come true..." 

What the hell. 

-- Simulation --

Choose how to raise your new inumimi friend. 
Command-based upbringing simulation. 

-- Costume change --

You can buy accessories and clothes in town. 
Bring them home and she can wear them freely. 

-- Love --

When her attraction is low, the only option is to take her by force. 
Raise her attraction to enjoy a growing variety of things. 
You can find out how she's feeling during lovemaking. 

-- Eternal life --

There is no ending to the game. 
Make your inumimi girl a companion in your everyday life. 
Talk, take walks, enjoy meals. 
She has no one in this world, but you.

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