Thursday, July 28, 2016

[H-Games][RPG] Zako No Kuni: Land of the Weak Ver.2016-03-09

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Zako no Kuni: Land of the Weak

A tale of the violent, sorrowful revolution 
for the preordained 'small fry' (zako).

and more...

Routes follow one of three heroines: 
the bashful female swordfighter [ Kodou ]
the taunting elitist witch [ Fari ] 
the graceless but earnest [ Seraphyon ]

* classic H scenes with each heroine
* slime transformation of heroines & sex events 
* invisibility and taunting to heroines
* hypnosis by and to heroines 
* assault of heroines by monsters (i.e., tentacles, etc.)
* so-called cuckoldry / seduction events 
and more 
spanning 14 CG base works + variations 

Other characters pop up in multitudes of pose art; 
if you enjoy them be sure to comment 
so I can incorporate fan favorites into updates. 

Challenge your skills in an optional yarikomi dungeon. 
For a more casual experience, play the main game only. 
It's player's choice -- now with helpful hint text. 

This game require RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free). 

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