Sunday, July 31, 2016

[H-Games][RPG] Incubus In Time

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* Story 

Rumors of an incubus with time-stopping power reach Sasha the Demonslayer. 
At the instruction of her master she sets off to unravel the mystery. 
Meanwhile, Castello the Incubus learns the existence of five heroes called Sasha. 
As a test of accomplishment, he will find and impregnate them all. 

Two opposing sides, each on a quest to find the other... 

* Game 

Nekoshaku's timestop RPG has dual protagonists: 
enjoy the narrative perspective of both human and incubus, 
playing as Sasha and Castello in separate parts. 

Features include... 
POV switching ... Sex scenes have a "multi-sight" system
Summoning ... Monsters defeated in regular fights can later join you in battle 
Pregnancy on/off ... Player preference (only during snake goddess storyline) 
Customization ... Change the name, appearance of characters
Casual mode ... Skip past the early phase of leveling up