Sunday, July 17, 2016

[H-Games][ADV] Let’s go UFJ

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Let's Go!! U(niversal) F(ack) J(apan)

[ Premise ] 

Virtue is gone from the world...... "XXX is the new PG"
In such a world, three schoolgirls enjoy a day at the theme park. 

[ System ] 

Erotic scenes are 100% pixel animation. 
13 total varieties, all crafted in totality from start to climax~end. 

Wall-trapped r*pe to public toilet sex, lactation to a bath of tentacles, 
there's variety aplenty to be discovered. 

The system itself is an adventure-style simple game. 
Check out all the attractions of the park, collect medals, 
and participate in the big parade - that is, public play - in the end. 

Playable entirely one-handed wth a mouse. 

Voice actress: Aya Kuchitani 

[ Other ] 

This game was created with RPG Tkool MV. 

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