Saturday, July 2, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] Wandering City

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* Summary * 
An island of twisted metal floats on a "Waste Sea". 
They call it "City of Rivet", forever in motion, its residents a collection of 
mechanics and scavengers who ensure that the city continues. 

... There are showers and toilets and food enough for everyone. 
Life in City of Rivet is surprisingly pleasant. 
Huzzah for the new century! 

* City of Rivet and Junk Isle * 
To eat, one must work. The residents of City of Rivet earn their keep. 

Scavenge for parts; reinforce your tools; repair broken pipes, electric lights, 
generators, water purifiers, and anything else that needs fixing. 
If you don't have the money to buy a certain component, knock out some baddies. 

Of course, too much work is no good. That's why there's "Junk Isle", 
a marvelous island in the sea of garbage where you can get things 
that simply aren't available in City of Rivet! 

* Rampant perverts * 
Everyone is out to get what they need!
You're relatively sheltered and law-abiding, but there are some... 
certain lowlifes... who follow a darker path. 
Any opportunity and they'll plunder a vulnerable persons's
tits and asshole! 

* Freestyle gallery *
Browse the animations with more freedom than ever! 
There are only 10 varieties of motion but, the gallery lets you 
manage and edit them as you please! 

*Epic pixel graphics *
Screen-size pixel motion!!! 
Six incredible patterns! 
Unlock events by witnessing them, then watch anytime in the gallery! 
Well done, grasshopper!!!!!!

---Warning: there's no "pistils in stamens" action!---

* Notes *
- For clarification, there is no penile-vaginal penetration. 
- The closest equivalent to intercourse is anal only. 

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