Friday, July 8, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] Lunatic Summoner MAGICAL * ERI

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Eriko was your typical sex-loving XX-year-old schoolgirl, 
until she was blessed with the powers of devil magic! 

Go berserk as the titular "Eri" and her bullet-spitting butthole demon companion, Analshifu! 

Wreck boys! Screw dirty old men! Take out self-righteous foes! 
Do-gooder magical girls want to stop Eri's rampage. 
They say "ecchiness is unforgivable!" but sex-loving Eri counters 
"Oh yeah?! You wouldn't even be born if your parents didn't have sex!"
Splatter the night streets with the glory of hentai! 


Simple side-scrolling 2D action. 
Dash, double jump, and blast through each stage, punishing do-gooder magical girls. 
If you defeat a boss with your summoned demon companion Analshifu, 
an ecchi scene will unlock. If you find and sleep with the old guys in each stage, 
an ecchi scene will unlock AND you'll make money! 
All the while powering up Eri's magical strength. 

Featuring 12 ecchi animations! 5 still images! = 17 total rewards! 
Magical girls-related ecchi CGs include tentacle r*pe and swallowed alive, 
and Eri gets up to mischief as a prostitute, reverse r*ping and humiliating guys. 

- CG appreciation mode, scene replay mode 
- Easy difficulty setting for action game weaklings 
- A wonderfully cheat-y 100% game save with all stages and CGs unlocked! 
- Voiced action and ecchi scene elements 
- 6 total stages for Eri to unleash her libido

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