Friday, July 15, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] It's Summer It's Swimsuits! Succubus Action!

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Sex demons attack you in cute bathing suits! 
Don't get touched unless you want to jizz your life away! 
Simple controls, simple action platforming!

Modes and features 
"Normal mode" is for normal play, 50% reduced HP "Tough mode" will challenge you, 
"Fast mode" ignores all erotica for a stoic, pure action game experience. 
If you finish "Arcade mode" you will unlock the upgraded "Cuckold jizz mode". 
And as a further bonus....... 
it swaps in the graphics for "Succubus Encirclement" (RE179999)

* Playable with USB game controller or standard. 
Please note the creator has only tested basic keyboard controls. 

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