Wednesday, July 20, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] flowerfairy

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  1. A very nice game with some good sprite animations, wish I could find more like it. I translated the options menu and submenus, here they are.

    Pause Menu Options

    収集品一覧 Collectibles List
    Items you have collected

    生物図鑑 Biological Picture Book
    Gallery of monsters, press Down to view animations, to get animations kill the monster until it drops the item in the gallery.

    操作設定 Operation Settings
    Key Bindings

    攻撃 - Attack
    射撃?勢 - Shooting Pose
    ダッシュ - Dash
    ジャンプ - Jump + Back
    回避 - Avoidance
    調べる (決定) - Examine (Decision) + Accept
    一時停止 - Time Stop

    身体状態 Body Condition

    攻撃 Lv. Attack Level #
    防御 Lv. Defense Level #
    抵抗 Lv. Resistance Level #
    持久 Lv. Endurance Level #

    その他設定 Other Settings

    難易度 Difficulty

    普通 Usually (Normal) 簡単 Easy

    画面大きさ Screen Size

    x1 x2

    CG表示 CG Display

    あり Yes なし None