Friday, June 17, 2016

[H-Games][ADV] Pinpoint of the Pinpoint 4

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Enjoy the collection of erotic sex scenes from the past products from PINPOINT!

A Climax mania, PINPOINT staff member compiled his huge collections of the climax scenes with his favorite sexy girls, and created this "masturbation only" game!
20 Hard Erotic Only scenes!

750 minutes of going all out actions!

R*pe, anal f*ck, paizuri, milking, gangbang, fist f*ck, c*ck cheerleading, public nudity, irrumatio, sex with a massive black d*ck, analingus, prostitution, vibrator madness, pissing, gapeface lust, cosplay and more

You can enjoy viewing of all kinds of abnormal plays, with wide ranges of intense actions.

There are equal number of climax scenes and ejaculation scenes. Well, in other words, we are offering countless numbers of hot scenes, just for you!

Illustrators: hato / Nankotsu Misakura / MARIO / Rokuro Itani / MARCY DOG, and more
Total number of CGs exceeds 170! All by the most popular illustrators in the business!

Erotic CG rating is 100%!

Pinpoint of the Pinpoint 4! 
This is truly one of the best versions that specializes in the practical erotic climax and release actions!

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