Sunday, June 26, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] UNBREAKER - Heroine Pinch Belt Action

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* Story 
"Unbreaker" is a member of a league of crime-fighting heroes.
When archnemesis Dr. Incentive decimates the entire hero team, 
she heads into the evil scientist's base to rescue them. 

* Game 
2D side scrolling belt/arcade action. 
Face an onslaught of enemies and environmental traps on the way to the big boss. 
Damage tears Unbreaker's clothes and animations play when she goes down. 
"Continue" scenes are After Effects animations suited to the stage. 

* Lots of content! 
20 base CGs / 10 AE anime / 50+ pixel anime 
CG mode / Pixel art appreciation mode / Stage select 
7 total stages

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