Thursday, June 23, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] Treasure Hunter Eriru

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Himitsu Kessha's 2nd adult Flash-based sidescrolling action game! 

Guide elf girl "Eriru" through the depths of monstrous trap-filled ruins. 
Sexy graphics and tricky environments adorn each of seven stages in which 
you will wield 3 kinds of magic and face ruthless enemies, 
survive booby traps and collect treasure en route to a terrifying boss! 

CG anime 
33 base CGs + variants + omake 
30 base animations + variants + alpha 
Copious background ero graphics!

7 total stages, two dozen maps! 
Tutorial + 5 standard + EX stage
The tutorial has 5 maps, standard stages 12 maps each, EX stage 7 maps

Other features: 
Five (5) difficulty levels
Horde mode! How long can you take it? 
Unlock all CG, anime
Unlock EX stage 
Player upgrades (increased strength, attacks) 

Set the game on easy and unlock everything! 
Enjoy all the content, even if you're not an action gamer! 

CV: Rikka Mizutani 

Guro filter (turn on/off grotesque imagery) 
("Guro" is not a main feature so don't feel like you're missing out)

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