Sunday, June 12, 2016

[H-Games][ACT-RPG] Dragon & The Black Dragon Maidens

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* Intro 
There once was an adventurer named Dragon. 
By request, he investigate a faraway region of heathens.
It was a region of violence and lust. Can Dragon purge the darkness? 

* How to play 
Control the protagonist "Dragon" in this side-view dungeon explorer RPG. 
Various enemies are prowling, so strike them down. 

Each demon you strike down causes you to accumulate Karma (KRM). 
Karma acts like a fever which will hinder your battle. 
You can expend karma by coupling with the Miko (shrine maiden). 
She will also gratefully give you money. 
Kill enemies; be with her; accumulate and release. 

If you die, you will be resurrected on the spot. 
A cheat item (D's ring) can be equipped for near-invincibility. 
Use it whenever you want to make quick progress. 

* Characters 
Dragon - protagonist, hero 
Nemeru - leader of the heathen Mikos
Ailess - Miko #2, has a rivalry with Nemeru
Fenni - a woman who loves sex, became a Miko 
Yuteris - a slave who became a Miko

* Other 
17 HCG images
Created with Unity 3D

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