Friday, May 13, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] BlazingAngel Mistletear beltscroll action [Full Game+Enhancement Patch]

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Side-scrolling beat-em-up ero action! 
Finish stages in Mission Mode or 
earn points and upgrade in Adjust Mode 
The game's fully loaded with challenge! 
Put the combo beatdown on enemies and 
try to clear all 7 stages! 

Customizable difficulty and CG unlock features 
mean you can enjoy all the content! 
Created for the enjoyment of hardcore and casual gamers alike! 

Play with a keyboard, controller or mouse!

A blend of Action & Adventure ecchi scenes! 
Action scenes are pixel animated, 
Adventure scenes are lush CG erotica! 

Creatures of every kind offer a different flavor of fornication: 
brave the likes of pigmen, spideresque, werebeast, chameleon, golem,m 
classic tentacle r*pe, special slime play, as well as common people 
and clone soldiers (including women!). Gangbangs and interspecies sex. 
... With different endings based on how often you fail and get f*cked! 

A bizarre threat suddenly kidnaps two sisters: Akira and Kaede. 
Akira wakes up transformed by the experiments of an organization called

Akira's singular plan is to rescue Kaede, 
an epic mission aided by her strange new superhuman powers. 
She can transform into "Blazing Angel Mistletear", 
a holy war princess with godlike power ... to make her enemies pay!! 

Enhancement Patch


  1. cannot run the game i already use applocale but when i open it it only shows a window with blue background and a bunch of codes

    1. Locale emulator not work for some games. I guess you might need to change system locale to Japanese.

    2. it says crash or error in japanese language.Please tell me how to fix it i want to play this game

  2. my save files is broke did you know how to fix it ?