Tuesday, May 17, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] Chichi Nin Ver.1.12

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Erotic Sidescrolling NINJA Action!

Work your way through stages as you defeat enemies and bosses, clearing the path to victory in ALsoft's simple, sexy action game. 

* Game Modes 
- Story ... Clear stages and defeat the last boss in the final stage to see the ending. 
- Challenge ... Choose from a variety of showdown battles. (21 total challenges) 
- Survival ... An all-out war against enemies. (2 types) 
- Gallery ... Appreciate the CG artwork of the game. (238 CGs incl. variations) 

* 1280x720 display 
* USB controller / gamepad compatible 
* Includes walkthrough video 

+New Challenge: Boss Rush!
+EXTRA mode
+New CG

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