Thursday, March 10, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] Schoolgirl & Gatling Gun ~Of The Dead~

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* Prologue 

When zombies up and overrun her school, 
Japanese teen Tomoyo Hoshi barely escapes with her life, 
and she's more than displeased. 

"You're messing up my happy life, I'll ANNIHILATE YOU ALL!" 

Outfitted with grandpa's old gatling gun, 
Tomoyo leaves her home fortress to mow down the risen. 
Foom! Boom! Kloodge!

She falters at the sight of zombified classmates, 
but blows them into undead bits on a bloody path to school. 

There her eyes spin at the shocking chaos. 

Soldiers and civilians are--are--are R*PING the zombie schoolgirls! 

And the zombabes are moaning... wait! 

The antidote to zombiehood seems to be...


* Gameplay

* How to cure the zombie plague 
Fill them with lead or with cum. 

* Zombies are not human
It's not illegal to kill or r*pe zombies. 
Do it. Do iiiiiiit. 

* Almonds & Milk presents 
Schoolgirls & Gatling Gun ~Of The Dead~
A top down pixel action game!

6 stages of difficulty
Cheats and gallery mode built in! 
Playable free demo!

* Heroine
Tomoyo Hoshi, age 18 
Likes: chatting with friends, going to school
Skills: fast eater, can wield a gatling gun

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