Tuesday, March 29, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] Elves of Fornica Forest

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* Two elves fight thru hot interspecies action * 
In a land of magical fantasy 
there is a certain forest where a race known as the Elven live. 
Human in appearance, the Elven have existed peacefully within 
the deeps of Fornica Forest, protected from outside civilizations. 
Until the spirits suddenly attack... 

- Slime, which may impregnate other race
- Humans, graceless beasts who hunt the Elven for lust
- Orcs, a race at war with the Elven for as long as Fornica has stood
- Tentacles, nutrient-seeking omnivores of the forest
- Giant insects, that lay their eggs in interracial wombs

The Elven colony is assailed by danger of all kinds, 
and two brave lasses face the impossible odds. 

* Side-scrolling action by Softhouse-Seal * 
Lush artwork depicts damage on 2 heroine elves
as piece by piece of forest-armor is thrashed off! 
When nude, contact with the enemy becomes a ravishing. 
If ravished too many times, the cum will flow deep 
inside their fertile Elven purses... 

Now you can switch short and long-range weapons! 
Use the sword for up-close melee and consecutive strikes, 
or snipe from a safer distance with the longbow. 
Make use of them freely and advance thru the stage! 

* Controls * 
Z key ...... attack 
X key ...... change weapon 
(Spacebar ...... jump) 
Up key ...... jump 
Down key ...... crouch 
Left key ...... move left 
Right key ...... move right 

HP diminishes when an enemy ravishes you. 
Spam the Left and Right keys rapidly to escape! 


  1. the download link isnt working for me

  2. Can't install the game =/.
    Something about Syntax errors in the file.

    1. Sorry if my problem wasn't super clear,
      Here's the error Message:
      "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect."