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Help little boy Haru save college girls from their own sexy nightmare!

One late night, Haru was delivering a bento to college girl Natsuki at Dreamstar College. 
Just then, Froid the Dream Machine went amok, sabotaged by Natsuki's rival Yukino! 

Froid trapped everyone from Natsuki's friend and senpai to the college's chairperson 
in a naughty nightmare, and what's more the girls were turned into monmusu! 

The entire school's future at stake, it fell to Haru -- who always like Natsuki -- to enter dreamland...
and begin a surreal adventure of sex with monsters and more! 


* Simple 2D scrolling action
Stomp, shoot and more as shonen Haru in various powerup suits! 
The goal of the game is to rescue girls from the ecchi yume they're trapped inside! 
Haru can perform a hip drop in his default school girl uniform; 
the maid uniform gives him a charge shot; 
swimsuit and kneesocks allow him to create water blocks he can ride; 
and the bunny suit gives him added speed + double jump powers. 
There are 4 suits in all. 

Of course, if Haru is beaten by small fry enemies or bosses, 
a defeat ecchi anime will play out. 

* Game over CGs are animated with After Effects! 
24 anime CGs w/ 92 total patterns incl. variations. 
For those who dislike action platforming but wanna see the CGs and anime, it's okay! 
The game comes with a 100% save file with all CGs and anime unlocked. 
It also has a helpful quick-death key to lose fights easily. 

* Over 70 patterns of defeat ecchi anime! Over 30 patterns! 
Tentacles, oneshota, vore, anal assault, reverse r*pe, cum pumping, 
slime, freezing, fire ass, dark koge, coerced masturbation, tricorner wedge, 
and more ecchiness with monster girls in a world of dreams! 

* EASY, NORMAL, HARD modes available 
* Keyboard config & gamepad support (Xbox Controller for Windows recommended) 
* Set yourself up for sexy defeat fast with the "reduce to 1 life" key! 
(Press the point/dot key on the 10-key pad by default)

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