Friday, January 8, 2016

[H-Games][ACT] Chronos Gate

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* SIDESCROLLING action with TIMESTOP ability as much as you please * 

"Chronos Sword"
The magic blade of a goddess that can cut through the 4th dimension. 
Whoever wields it wields the power to stop time itself... 

"Time Stop" Gameplay mechanic 
Move your character while the world around you waits. Enemies become powerless. 
During stopped time you can stack damage against enemies so it explodes all at once. 
Face familiar pitfalls of classic action platforming, with the advantage of time control. 
Of course, you can be sexually mischievous. 

- Various attacks. Charges. Flying strikes. Slay your enemies various ways. 
- Roll. Defend. Exchange blows, parry, break, and time your counterattacks. 
- Experience six (6) stages filled with traps. 

There's a palm-sweatingly intense boss battle! 
There's a Gore Mode for ultra violent imagery! 

Smooth animated motion between keyframes. Over 300 motions

Compatible with USB controllers. You can also customize keys. 

Some scenes have cut-in illustrations 

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