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[H-Games][ACT] Magic Magical Action Girl

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* Story 

There once was a world of two opposing species. 
The peaceful and harmonious witches. The violent and power-hungry demons. 

Three years ago the walls between them were breached, and for three years the demons attacked until the witch castle fell. 

Their goal was to take the witch queen, for she had the power of immortality. 
Love juice poured from the venusian chalice between her loins. 
If the demons drank of this chalice, they would gain everlasting life. 

The queen's close aide, named Ruby, was a magical girl. 
When the queen was inevitably taken by the demons, Ruby began a rescue mission. 
Legend was spreading already of the queen's ceaseless r*pe and orgasms. 
If her spirit broke... if the demons turned the witch queen to their side... and her tremendous love gushed for the demons, 
there was nobody in this world who could stop them. 

Ruby must save the queen.
The fate of all witchdom rests on this magical girl. 

* Game 

MMAC is an indie game wrapped in sex with a magical girl monogatari. 

Hand-drawn animation by a professional animator! 

Created with an emphasis of erotica over action, 
but with challenging action the deeper into the story you go! 
Rescue the witch queen as Ruby, let no monster stop you. 
Enemies have strategy patterns you can learn. 

Progress, progress, progress by classic gaming skill or, 
if you prefer, use a cheat code. It's an erotic game after all. 
The cheat will give you more HP and inexhaustible magic. 

Come read the blog if you like. :) 

* Ecchi 

Ecchi scenes are mainly witch assault animation + queen assault CGs. 

The story unfolds across 6 chapters: 

(1) Fall of the queen: prologue 
(2) Forced fornication and the spread vagina
(3) Banquet of demon gangbang hell 
(4) Long night of queen cum hell 
(5) To ecstasy and collapse 
(6) Love juice from the chalice of her loins

Ecchi scenes come in 2 modes: the queen's wails and narration. 

* Controls 

Directional keys to move 
Z key to attack 
X key to magic 
Enter key to pause 

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