Friday, December 18, 2015

[H-Games][ACT] Himemiko -Akiha- Ver.1.0.1

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High res HCG 2D sidescrolling yokai animation by Soap-Group. 

Play as Akiha (the fox princess) in pursuit of an escaped spirit called Gorgon. 


  1. still can't save... and don't have any sound (่just has bgm)
    but first time after Game Over, i got info of monster and boss

  2. and for now, i know how to pass first boss.
    just kill boss at innermost scene. (right of scene)
    must do it all of boss till the last boss, if not u will got stuck same as first boss.

    1. nope, i don't use that :/
      just once time after down load (first time for run game) it's no problem about sound
      after that i exit the game and open again for trying to save, there's no sound anymore...

      however i got some problem the same with game name is [Li'l Alchemist Annette's Adventure Ver1.1.2]
      first time i run this game, i can play and wanna fixed to full screen BUT!! after i exit and open again... this game STUCK at Orange Logo of they group i can play this game... ;_;

  3. error 0x00007b how to fix? tried app locale still error