Wednesday, November 18, 2015

[H-Games][ACT] Wing Dancer -Assault of the Pink Swan-

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.Erotic Cast: 

Alice Andelle - the heroine of a parallel world, pure, chivalrous, with love of the dance 
Karen Andelle - the heroine's little sister, with no self control, she is always quick to take action 
Kiryu Okuse - the heir of a large corporation, first to make contact with the parallel world
The Monsters - biological horrors from Okuse Labs that threaten both world 

The Story: 

May 2012... 
Okuse Industries makes first contact with a parallel world. 
Its ecosystems and species evolved alongside ours. Soon Kiryu Okuse has 
fantasies of world conquest. He tries to reverse engineer the DNA of 
life forms from the parallel world, and creates a breed of monsters 
more powerful than anything either universe has ever seen. 

The Game: 

Unlock ero CGs with each failure. 
An original combo assault / lesbian / r*pe / interspecies sex ACTION game. 
3 buttons with unique attack properties and animations. 
Jump kicks, dance moves, etc. Try to string together a 20-hit combo! 
Button mashers can also enjoy this game. Easy and accessible. 

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