Thursday, November 5, 2015

[H-Games][ACT] When My City Stops Moving

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* Premise

A loser otaku... that was me. 
I'd cross paths with a pretty high school girl coming home from work every day. 
She was young, her skin was perfect, she was vibrant. 
She knew only love in her life. 

Until now... 

I wished for a few seconds more to stare at her. I thought about time stopping. 

Time stopped. 

Really? REALLY!? Was this a dream? What? WHAT? 
My pretty girl was motionless! Could I look up her skirt? Would she get angry? 

Waaaaaaahooooo her panties are white! I knew they would be! 
Is it too pervy to touch her? Yes. No. 

Maybe I'll just feel a little...

* Action / Ero 

When My City Stops Moving is a fetish action game by Miracle Heart. 

Hand-drawn animation gives the erotic situations a tactile and organic quality! 

Take advantage of the pure, good-minded high school girl you covet. 
The bratty gyaru who looks down her nose at you. 
A JK on the phone, a JK sitting on a chair. 
A mother and daughter, both beautiful, shopping by bicycle. 

Tease girls in the pockets of time which pass to outsiders in the blink of an eye. 
When you're done, time starts again, and in a debilitating shockwave: her orgasms! 
They're overwhelmed by sudden, continuous pleasure!! 

* Bonus Content 

2 omake scenes have been added w/ 2 girls: fellatio, cunnilingus


  1. How to play this game? walk into the shadows?

    1. you need to kill them and stock up in point... these are your timer...

    2. you need to kill them and stock up in point... these are your timer...