Saturday, October 10, 2015

[H-Games][ACT] Total Rookie Magical Mayaka Ver 1.03 + Extra Stage

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The Flash Side Scrolling Action Game by Himitsu Kessha. 
Pit your utter novice of a magical girl against demons in hardcore ero battle! 

Two weeks ago Mayaka was recruited to fight evil, but she never expected to do it so soon! 
With only the most basic training she's called on to subdue the demons that are snatching people up in town. 
Aided only by her pixie companion "Nyanmaru", Mayaka must fight her way to the secret base 
and somehow take down the evil and save the people... 

Simple side-scrolling Flash platforming
Damage tears off her clothes! 
Engage the enemy in "ero ryona battle". 
If you've played a hentai indie game you know the drill. 
Failed battles will pay off in special CGs. 
Plus unlock other event CGs. 

Blast demons and navigate the traps of the stage. 
Defeating each stage's boss is your objective! 

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