Monday, October 26, 2015

[H-Games][ACT] Me and Rin's Agony / Ecstasy X Ver 1.1.4

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Me and Rin's Agony / Ecstasy X

Smooth 3D cel-style rendered anime x Unadulterated erotica; 
a screw-or-be-screwed side scrolling action game!!

* Stages 
Trade ecchi blows with enemies across 5 stages, 
enduring, agonizing...... stripping, assailing and creaming 
into different stage bosses (everyone's so sexy)!!

* Concept 
The female protagonist (who isn't very strong) 
is kawaii... just like her many enemies!! 
But this isn't an all-lesbian brawl. 
I wanna screw! 
I wanna creampie and impregnate! 


I f*ck the cuties 
I get f*cked by cuties 
Rin gets rekt 
Rin gets more dreadfully rekt

Me and Rin...... 

Together we make avarice tangible!!

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