Friday, October 16, 2015

[H-Games][ACT] -SACRED-

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-SACRED- (Japanese title: Seinaru mono e) ("Into a holy thing") 
A Deep, Dark Interspecies Action Platformer 

Deep in the holy forest, near the fountain of purity, there lived a race of females---the Elves. 
Blessed with eternal life, the Elves were unsullied by the outside world. 
Ages came and went, and they were content to pass them under shroud of darkness. 

---Until it was discovered that in the darkness, they were at the center of a maze. 
A hellish maze surrounded on all sides by hordes of monsters--- 

The sidescrolling indie game by Touhou Marupan Dou is here! 
-SACRED- puts you in control of a purple-haired heroine with a direct 
bloodline to the Priestess. Explore the maze! Slay hellbeasts 
or have sex with them -- assault scenes are included as both 
pixel sprite animations & classic CG illustrations. 

* Traverse the maze world 
* Discover power-up items 
* Unlock and complete Gallery & Prisoner Mode content 

Only with the ultimate power can you discover the prison cell... 

How did the Elves get trapped in this maze? 
What are these horrific monster? 
Why does the heroine wield this power of the Priestess? 

---Answers dwell in the deep darkness--- 

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