Friday, October 16, 2015

[H-Games][ACT] Prison Fight

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** Premise ** 

The year is a distant, space-age 2X15
A female agent from the Earth Defense Force has infiltrated the Dark Galactic Empire 
She has obtained their secret plans for human modification experiments
During her escape she's captured and imprisoned... 
Tortured by one of their experiments, a modified behemoth
None of the female agents who have attempted this mission ever returned
What happened to them... 
What will happen to to this one... 

** Game System ** 

Animation fighting game 
You are the modified behemoth. The monster is invincible so it will not die
Beat the female agent, which tears off her clothing 
Use combos to knock her out and the real fun begins! 
Various r*pes and tortures to choose! Please enjoy
The game is difficulty can be adjusted to your preferred level

** Ecchie Scenes ** 

All ecchi scenes are full animation. 
Fight and creampie freely. 
CG mode is also included.

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