Friday, October 16, 2015

[H-Games][ACT] Orc Break

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* Sidescrolling orc x elf action! 
Orc Break is a game where the orc is the hero. 

* Kick and punch your way into the heart of the Elvenland! 
Wreck 5 elf areas and the pretty pixie ladies who dwell there. 
You are an orc wielding a massive set of fists and a gargantuan c*ck. 
Smash their dainty world until there's nothing left.
Fights with rival elves are hand-animated. 

* Ravish and plunder! Animated ecchi anime! 
Drain the energy of the pretty forestlings with a special move 
that will restore your own HP. Yummy elf vitals! 

* Controls
[Z] Punch 
[X] Kick 
[Down] + [Z] Energy drain 
[Up] Jump 
[Left] and [Right] Move left and right 
[Down] Crouch 
* Orc Break * From the makers of The Orcs Strike Back 

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