Sunday, October 25, 2015

[H-Games][ACT] Huuma Mina The Game

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It's said that there is a legendary Ninja-Technique, 'Immortalization', owned by the Huuma Bloodline. 
And now, the 6th Head of Huuma Ninja, Huuma Mina, inherits this Technique. 
However an illegal research insitution has planed to conduct a research of this Ninja-Technique. 
They setup traps and finally captured Huuma Mina. 
They did lots of cruel Human Subject Research on her. 
One day, she lost her memories after some experiments... 

"Fight for the lost memories, Huuma Mina!" 

Torture, and then get the necessary information to the next stage! 
Capture the Boss in the stage, and then have them tortured again! 

This game is a 3D Action Game. 
There is not that many erotic contents, and no full naked scenes. 

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