Friday, October 2, 2015

[H-Games][ACT] Chronicles of Prey 2 Ver2.0

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Malevolent demon bitches have invaded our world again! 
Bring the demonesses down; r*pe everyone into submission. 

The new side scrolling ero action game. 
R*pe the demon girls half-naked in their outfits! 
Missionary, doggy style, breast sex, gangbang, reverse r*pe, tentacles, even undead sex... 

* 5 stages each with super powered bosses. 
Defeat the bosses to unlock event CGs. 

* Bonus modes! Gather all the girls into a trophy room! Zombie summon mode! Infinite r*pe mode! 

* Auto save keeps track of your HP, MP, items and progress. 

Go on a retro pixel rampage of sexy fantasy action. 

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