Saturday, October 10, 2015

[H-Games][ACT] BEE WAR

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A.B. 20XX... 

The Bee Kingdom was attacked. 
Every drone fought valiantly, as did the queen herself, 
but all was lost. 

The conquering insects ravishing the enslaved bees. 
Life for them was manual labor interrupted by r*pe... 
A.B. 20XX was an age of darkness. 

However, a young girl bee took a stand to reclaim her kingdom. 
With a vicious bottom stinger, she went to war. 

* Side scrolling action 
Collect items to power up the cute heroine and use special tactics 
Utilize 7 attacks, dash and jump to attain victory 

Any contact with enemies will drain life 
You can guess what happens next! ;) 

The action in the second half of the game gets a lot tougher but, 
you have the option to continue with your item effects retained
(There's also a cheat mode built-in for less struggling players) 

Most ecchi scenes are animated and voiced

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