Tuesday, September 29, 2015

[H-Games][ACT] Elf Knight Giselle Ver1.5

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Real Time 3D Action Game. 

-To save her friend from orcish captivity, elf knight Giselle ventures into the Orchold-

Evade enemy attacks and progress through the stages. 
Damage is cumulative, outfits will be rent asunder! 

Watch H scenes when enemies use pleasure attacks or you get a Game Over!
(Pleasure attacks transition seamlessly into H scenes.)
Magic attacks and violation by enemies will raise the heroine's pleasure gauge, resulting in Giselle's status change. 
Gallery mode lets you have free control over the views of the H scene. 

(You unlock Gallery Mode after completely all 3 stages.) 

20+ base H scenes with different dialogue and expressions based on Giselle's circumstances. 

Pit your heroine against enemies in Arena Mode! 

There's a secret button for those of you who don7t want to beat the game to see the goods! 

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